The most climate friendly
paper in the world

We have produced paper since 1693, a tradition characterized by our nature. Our climate-friendly paper is produced with responsibility for our environment, and the coming generations.

We care about our forest

Lessebo Mill is located in a densely forested area right between large shallow lakes in the inland region of Småland. We have produced paper generation over generation, developing the most climate friendly paper in the world. It is in our nature to care and foster the surroundings for the coming generations.

Our paper mill is located by a water stream and we have responsibility of the water flow in the lake Läen and the river of Ronneby. These waters are the habitat of thousands different species vital for biodiversity, this is why the water released from our paper mill is cleaner than the water we take in.

The Forest

The pulp in our paper origins from the vast Swedish forests, and we have high demands on how the forest is managed. The ecosystem is fundamental in our nature and the harvest is therefore made with sensibility. Our aim is that the production of paper will carry on over generation, which is why more trees are planted than harvested.

The Method

Utilization of Swedish pulp contributes to transports with low carbon dioxide emissions. Our pulp is made by birch which reaches good strength without the need for excessive, energy intensive treatment of the fibers. No eucalyptus is used in our products since it is a species that requires much water and contains toxic substances destroying the biodiversity in the area.

The raw materials in our production origins from sustainable sources and are in accordance with REACH.

The Mill

Taking responsibility in the source of energy is a key factor in minimizing the negative environmental impact. Our energy is produced by 100% biomass fuel and our waste energy supply the houses in Lessebo with district heating. The waste we cannot reuse is donated to local producers of biofuel. We continuously improve our resource management and reducing carbon dioxide emissions, for the coming generations.

The Paper

The result off all our hard work is the most climate friendly paper in the world. A paper production utilizing pulp from the Swedish forests, with responsibility for our nature and the coming generations.

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