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We are proud of our Lessebo Design range, the beautiful paper is available in five harmonious white shades, with two different surfaces. Inspired by, and versatile as our nature.

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Lessebo Design is an uncoated paper range featuring high opacity and haptical surface. The paper is made from wood-free, chlorine-free pulp (TCF) and is neutrally sized. It has a natural buffering capacity and is resistant to ageing in accordance with ISO 9706. Lessebo Design has been tested by ISEGA institute for compliance with German BfRXXXVI and is certified as safe for use in direct contact with dry and non-fatty foodstuffs. Lessebo Design is available in a large range of grammages from 70 gsm to 710 gsm.

The wide assortment of shades, surfaces and grammages is perfect to build your corporate profiling schemes from. Suggested areas of use where Lessebo Design gives an excellent result are advertising materials, text- and picture books, annual reports etc. The higher grammages are back-to-back laminated which gives extra strength to the sheet and can successfully be used for covers, boxes and high-quality paper bags.

The entire range of Lessebo Design has been produced with the environment in mind and is one of the most climate friendly paper qualities in the world.

80 gsm, 90 gsm and 100 gsm are adapted for laser and approved for OCR.



UltraWhite – Our ultra white shade is ideal for every type of high-performance printing.

Bright – A high white shade with an eye catching crisp and pleasant nuance.

White – Lessebo Design White is renowned for its pure natural whiteness. It enables the highest contrast in an image and the colors are reproduced in the most natural way.

Natural – Our natural shade gives that perfect off-white feeling of authenticity and credibility to your message.

Ivory – A warm cream shade, suitable for all applications and the nuance is warmly pleasant for the eyes. It conveys an image of history and provenance.

Lessebo Digital™ is a premium, uncoated paper developed for digital printing that meets many selection criteria; distinctiveness, surface and feel. Featuring a rough surface which adds a characteristic paper feeling. The production of Lessebo Digital is unique and the paper has a surface treatment that will not yellow with time, hence prolonging the shelf life.

The entire range of Lessebo Digital has been produced with the environment in mind and is one of the most climate friendly paper qualities in the world.

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