CO2  emissions

We have produced paper for more than 300 years, a tradition characterised by our nature. Our climate-friendly paper is produced with responsibility for our environment, and the coming generations.

CO2 per metric ton paper
including scope 1 and scope 2

Lessebo Paper strives to limit its impacts on climate change and to carry out all its business activities in a sustainable manner. Lessebo Paper has over 300 years of experience in the paper industry and recognises the importance of producing sustainable, high quality paper. We believe that the industry has a key role to play in finding sustainable solutions to today’s climate challenges. In order to create a bright future for the generations to come, a shift to a sustainable society is vital. Lessebo Paper has one of the lowest CO2 emissions in the paper industry. However, we are not satisfied with having the lowest CO2 emissions – we have higher ambitions.

We continuously improve our resource management and reduce greenhouse gas emissions on behalf of future generations.

Lessebo Paper has increased the loading efficiency of outgoing transport, which has resulted in reduced CO2 emissions.

The pallets we use come from a company 10 minutes’ drive from Lessebo, resulting in reduced emissions from transport and supporting local suppliers of climate friendly goods.

At least two trees are planted for every tree felled. In less than 100 years, Sweden´s forest assets have doubled.

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