The worlds most
climate friendly paper


The paper mill is located in a densely forested area in the south of Sweden and we have the expertise to incorporate environmental thinking into the production of high quality design paper.



Rooted in the Swedish forests

Lessebo Paper is located in a densely forested area right between large shallow lakes in the inland region of Småland. We have produced paper generation over generation, developing the most climate friendly paper in the world. It is in our nature to care and foster the surroundings for the coming generations. The result of our hard work is a fully biodegradable and recyclable paper, made of 100% TCF pulp. Produced with responsibility for our environment – and the coming generations.

planting trees

More trees are planted than harvested

All forestry operations are FSC® and/or PEFC™ certified

zero waste

Zero waste to landfill

The waste we cannot recycle is donated to local producers of biofuel

renewable energy

Energy from renewable sources

The waste energy supplies the houses in Lessebo with district heating

clean water

Releasing clean water

The water released from our paper mill is cleaner than the water we take in

Our brands

Welcome to the inspiring and diverse world of climate friendly paper. We have for generations developed our paper qualities and we frequently push the art of making paper beyond the limits.

Lessebo Design
Lessebo Design
Scandia 2000
Scandia 2000
Lessebo Digital
Lessebo Digital
Lessebo premium packaging
Lessebo Premium packaging
Lessebo recycled
Lessebo Recycled
Lessebo Unlimited
Lessebo unlimited


green electricity

CO2 per ton paper


growth of standing volume in Swedish forests from 1920 (SLU, 2019)


Lessebo Paper meets the most stringent environmental requirements and the paper may be used for printed matter marked with the reputable Nordic Ecolabel.

Lessebo certificate PEFC


Lessebo certificate FSC


Lessebo certificate swan

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Final ISO Grey 2015 Registered sign

ISO 14001:2015

Final ISO Grey 2015 Registered sign

ISO 9001:2015

Lessebo certificate Isega


Latest news

Continuous decrease of CO2 emissions from Lessebo Paper

Continuous decrease of CO2 emissions from Lessebo Paper

Continuous decrease of CO2  emissions from Lessebo Paper May 17, 2021 Lessebo Paper has launched their environmental declaration for year 2021, based on 2020s data, and reports a continuous decrease of CO2 emissions. The production of pulp and paper emits only 19 kg...

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Lessebo Recycled is awarded with EU Ecolabel

Lessebo Recycled is awarded with EU Ecolabel

Lessebo Recycled is awarded with EU Ecolabel Feb 9, 2021 Lessebo Paper launched Lessebo Recycled in 2019, an FSC® Recycled (FSC-C021923) uncoated range of papers produced from sorted waste, sourced from Europe. This innovative product made with recycled content is now...

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