Lessebo Recycled is evolving

Nov 12, 2019

Earlier this year, Lessebo Paper launched its new paper quality Lessebo Recycled – an entirely new line produced from recycled paper. Thelaunch of Lessebo Recycled turned out to be a success.

The launch of Lessebo Recycled took place in May earlier this year, developed for those looking for a recycled paper, but at the same time want premium quality. Lessebo Recycled is an uncoated paper quality and is available in two different white shades. Lessebo Recycled is produced from sorted waste, sourced from Europe. ”We have received a lot of positive feedback for the good printing result from print houses” says Carina Jensen, Head of Sales and Marketing at Lessebo Paper.

The launch of Lessebo Recycled turned out to be a success, with many customers around Europe. ”We are happy with the positive response from the European market and we can see an increasing interest in Lessebo Recycled” says Carina Jensen, furthermore she explains ”We are now focusing on getting Lessebo Recycled certified ac FSC Recycled, we are going through the auditing process in November and we are confident that we will get the certification. We will keep you posted.”


Carina Jensen standing next to the sorted waste. Which is going in to this production of Lessebo Recycled.