Sometimes words are not enough to describe what you feel, Lessebo Kaskad gives plenty of room for creativity.
The combination of the large number of colors and grammages offer endless opportunities.

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Kaskad curlew cream

Curlew Cream

Kaskad lapwing brown

Lapwing Brown

Kaskad nuthatch brown

Nuthatch Brown

eider vellum

Eider Vellum

Kaskad wheater yellow

Wheatear Yellow

Kaskad pintail cream

Pintail Cream

Kaskad bunting yellow

Bunting Yellow

Canary Yellow

Kaskad oriole gold

Oriole Gold

Kaskad goldcrest yellow

Goldcrest Yellow

Kaskad mandarin orange

Mandarin Orange

Kaskad fantail orange

Fantail Orange

Kaskad salmon


Kaskad robin red

Robin Red

Kaskad rosella red

Rosella Red

Kaskad bullfinch pink

Bullfinch Pink

Kaskad flamingo pink

Flamingo Pink

Kaskad skylark violet

Skylark Violet

Kaskad plover purple

Plover Purple

Kaskad swallow blue

Swallow Blue

Kaskad merlin blue

Merlin Blue

Kaskad puffin blue

Puffin Blue

Kaskad peacock blue

Peacock Blue

Kaskad kingfisher blue

Kingfisher Blue

Kaskad starling blue

Starling Blue

Kaskad siskin green

Siskin Green

Kaskad leafbird green

Leafbird Green

Kaskad barbet green

Barbet Green

Kaskad woodpecker green

Woodpecker Green

Kaskad Mallard green

Mallard Green

Kaskad warbler green

Warbler Green

Kaskad parakeet green

Parakeet Green

Kaskad osprey white

Osprey White

Kaskad sparrow grey

Sparrow Grey

Kaskad owl grey

Owl Grey

Kaskad wagtail grey

Wagtail Grey

Kaskad raven black

Raven Black

Keep in mind that the colors shown are just an indication.  
For exact shade, please order the swatch – free of charge!

Please click on the link and use the contact form to place your order.