Crafts for children’s right to a safe childhood

Jun 30, 2022


World Childhood Foundation and Lessebo Paper invite all children that visit the sailing competition Childhood Match Cup to a world of crafts. In the playful tent on Marstrand, the children can be creative with paper, pearls, crayons and other fun activities! On Friday July 8, the artist and designer Bea Szenfeld will visit the tent to encourage creativity and to create alongside the children.

One in four children in Sweden is subjected to sexual abuse during their childhood. Many other countries lack reliable statistics but what we do know, is that violence and sexual abuse of children are closely interlinked and that it exists in all cultures, in all countries and in all social classes. These are terrible numbers, but despite this, we hardly talk about it. World Childhood Foundation works to break the silence because they know that violence and abuse against children can be prevented. Though our partnership, Lessebo Paper and the entire JOOL Group want to shed the light on these issues and support Childhood in their work in keeping children safe. As part of our partnership,  we offer a world of crafts and creativity with a focus on children’s rights during the Childhood Match Cup to raise knowledge about their work and the issue.

“We are proud to be at Marstrand alongside Lessebo Paper. It gives us the opportunity to jointly raise awareness of what we as adults can do to protect children. Though our partnership and our joint efforts, we want to raise all children’s right to a safe upbringing free from violence and sexual abuse”, says Paula Guillet de Monthoux, Secretary General of the World Childhood Foundation.

Together we want to highlight children and young people’s right to a safe childhood. Together, we invest in local initiatives and innovative solutions that help children and families in vulnerability, both in Sweden and abroad. Together, we prevent violence and sexual abuse of children. Because we know that it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken children.

“The children are our future and within Lessebo Paper their safety is part of our sustainability work, says Jens Olson, CEO at Lessebo Paper. “Childhood’s values and goals are in line with Lessebo Paper’s own values, where we see Childhood’s work as a way to ensure all children’s right a safes upbringing no matter where you are in the world.” 


About Childhood:
World Childhood Foundation works to protect children from violence and sexual abuse by providing support to local organizations that are developing new and innovative methods to help vulnerable children and families. With relatively modest investments, combined with close dialogue and support, Childhood can serve as an incubator and help new ideas and organizations to grow and become sustainable. Childhood was founded by H.M. Queen Silvia in 1999 and is a politically and religiously independent non-profit organization.