Handbags made of paper? Swedish designer Susan Szatmáry in unique collaboration with paper mill Lessebo Paper

Swedish designer Susan Szatmáry explores new materials in a collaboration with historic local paper mill Lessebo Paper. Her new bag collection “Blossom”, which is entirely made of paper, will be showcased at the Stockholm Creative Edition design festival at the Villa Dagmar boutique hotel.

Susan Szatmáry and Lessebo Paper are set to showcase their work on the “Blossom” bag collection during the Stockholm Creative Edition design festival at the end of May. The collaboration is a tribute to the transformative power of creativity and craftsmanship.

“Paper has always been a crucial part of my creative process, as it gives me a tangible representation of my ideas before moving on to the production phase. Lessebo Paper’s high-quality paper products are a perfect fit for my work, as they provide me with the flexibility to explore different shapes, textures, and colors that would be difficult to achieve in leather. Seeing an ordinary sheet of paper transform into a chic bag is truly inspiring”, says Susan Szatmáry.

Susan Szatmáry has gained international recognition for her high-quality products and exceptional design. Her products have been showcased at fashion weeks worldwide, and she has garnered praise from Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria and Martina Bonnier, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Scandinavia, among others. The “Blossom” collection includes both Szatmáry’s latest models, as well as returning designs, showcasing the continuity she employs in her design process and offering customers a unique opportunity to see how her design has evolved. With her passion for high-quality materials, and her creative vision, Susan Szatmáry has solidified her position as one of the leading designers in the industry.

“Through the collaboration with Lessebo Paper, I have had the opportunity to think about my products in the context of art, something I have always fantasized about when visiting museums. The Blossom collection is a perfect fusion of art and craftsmanship, where the material takes center stage to realize my vision. Each bag in the collection is made from Swedish environmentally friendly paper, and the transformation from an ordinary sheet of paper into a three-dimensional bag is an amazing process”, continues Susan Szatmáry.

Lessebo Paper is one of the world’s oldest paper producers, with creativity and innovation always at the forefront. In recent years, it has also developed innovative ways to reduce carbon emissions. By sourcing from local forests, the paper mill has made significant progress in sustainability. These efforts have contributed to Lessebo Paper being recognized as the most sustainable paper mill in the world.

“Paper is a material that is often taken for granted. Through the “Blossom” collection and exhibition, we want to celebrate the possibilities of paper, and inspire new uses for this material, while at the same time showcasing all the new colors in our Lessebo Colours range and the reliability of paper to a new audience”, says Ebba Ingvarsson, Communication Manager at Lessebo Paper.