Lessebo is celebrating 300 years of paper production

Dec 20, 2018

Lessebo Paper

The knowledge of producing paper is deeply rooted in Lessebo. The mill started in 1658 refining iron ore into pure iron, in 1719 Lessebo received permission to produce paper from the Swedish National Board of Trade. Production of paper has influenced Lessebo to the village it is today, and the production at Lessebo Paper is at full speed. The 300 years anniversary is therefore a time to highlight the paper mill’s influence in the community, and the world.

– The history of Lessebo paper mill is interesting and its influence on the community, says Göran Johansson, entrepreneur and one of the owners of Lessebo Paper. There are many exciting stories about paper production and the technical development. And above all, there are many stories of all the people who worked here at the mill which we would like to highlight.

Lessebo Paper will celebrate the 300year anniversary in a variety of events. Lessebo Paper will open up their gates and invite the community into their paper mill were guided tours will show how paper is made in Lessebo. Lessebo municipality have also plans of different events celebrating Lessebo mill.

– The craftsmanship of paper production is strongly present in our municipality, and we are proud of Lessebo Paper, says Christina Nyquist, municipal commissioner of Lessebo.

– Lessebo is represented in almost all our product names and we regard it as an advantage, concludes Göran Johansson.

By 2019, the celebration of the 300th anniversary will be distributed in a number of activities which will be announced in advanced by Lessebo paper and Lessebo municipality.