Lessebo Paper announces appointment of new CEO

Sep 1, 2021

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Lessebo Paper AB is pleased to announce the appointment of Jens Olson as the new Chief Executive Officer with effect from 1 September 2021. Olson will succeed former CEO Eric Sigurdsson who assumed the role in 2018.

Lessebo Paper, a leading producer of high quality environmentally friendly paper located in Sweden has announced the appointment of Jens Olson as the new Chief Executive Officer. As CEO, Olson will drive Lessebo Paper’s market expansion and partnerships worldwide.

”Under the leadership of Eric Sigurdsson, my colleagues have worked very successfully towards strategically high environmental goals. A work that today has resulted in Lessebo Paper being a world leader in the production of environmentally friendly paper to the graphical market for printing, conversion, and packaging applications. Our main objective now is to increase the company’s market shares by communicating the message about the Swedish paper mill, producing environmentally friendly paper from locally sourced raw materials. I look forward of being a part of this long-standing company and the team at Lessebo Paper, together we will continue to develop the work for a sustainable society” says Jens Olson.

The former CEO Eric Sigurdsson will take on the new role of Mill Manager at Lessebo Paper.

“This change of the organisational structure at Lessebo Paper enables us to both have a strong focus on the market and at the same time maintain our focus on the production on high quality paper” concludes Göran Johansson, Chairman of the Board at Lessebo Paper AB.