Lessebo Paper invests 50 Million SEK in pulp mill

Dec 6, 2018

Lessebo Paper

Lessebo, Sweden

There is a long history of pulp production at Lessebo Paper. Thanks to a 50 Million SEK investment, the pulp will be re-commissioned mid-2019, resulting in 20-25 new jobs.

“Investing in the pulp mill was a natural choice at this point of time”, explains Eric Sigurdsson, CEO at Lessebo Paper.

During 2018, preparations have been made to enable production to resume. The first half of 2019 will see large upgrades to ensure a high quality final product. Furthermore, the adjacent water treatment plant will be adapted for the greater water flow that the pulp mill will generate. Start up will take place following the annual summer maintenance stop and is expected to generate 20-25 new jobs.

”This investment will give us greater flexibility, reduce our environmental impact and boost profitability” concludes Eric Sigurdsson.