Lessebo Paper is introducing Lessebo Texture™

Jan 25, 2022


Lessebo Paper announces the launch of Lessebo Texture™, a new range of embossing patterns made to enhance the high-quality paper qualities with a surface texture. 

Lessebo Texture is a range of embossing patterns that are made to enhance our paper qualities with a surface texture or pattern. There are currently 16 standard embossing patterns available, suitable for luxury packaging, cards, covers or any graphical application. 

Create a custom paper product to enhance the experience of your packaging or other printed materials. The embossing patterns can be combined with any paper from Lessebo Paper. 

The Lessebo Texture range is a way for us to expand our offer to the market. But also, to meet customer demand of supplying a specialised paper suitable for luxury packaging applications. Explains Jens Olson, CEO at Lessebo Paper.