Lessebo Paper publishes all-time low CO2 figures

Aug 25, 2020

lessebo paper low co2 emissions 22 kg

Lessebo Paper has launched the environmental declaration of year 2019 and reports a drastic decrease of COemissions. The production of pulp and paper emits only 22kg per tonne finished product from Lessebo Paper, resulting in placing the company as one of the lowest COemitters in the entire paper industry.

As a Swedish producer of paper, Lessebo Paper is committed to developing high-performance and environmentally responsible papers and boards to the international market. The environmental figures of 2019 of mark a progression in the company’s strong focus on the responsible management of emissions to both air and water.

The production of pulp and paper emits 22kg per metric ton finished product from Lessebo Paper, an all-time low figure. The figures are accredited by an external auditor and in accordance with current standards. On average, a producer of equivalent products emits 616 kg COper metric ton finished paper.

Lessebo Paper AB has reducing COemissions for years, since 2013 the COemissions from pulp and paper production has fallen by more than 76%.

“This development clearly shows that our environmental strategy is successful. We improve our operations on a continuous basis, and we support this with certified management systems of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015”, explains Eric Sigurdsson, CEO at Lessebo Paper.

More information is available at lessebopaper.com/carbon-footprint or at your nearest retailer.

COemissions (kg) per tonne paper