Lessebo Paper is supporting a charity project for Ukraine

Mar 22, 2022

lessebo paper low co2 emissions 22 kg

Bonnier Books publishes the Ukrainian book Maya and her friends in several countries. The proceeds go in full to UNICEF’s work to help children in Ukraine. The book is printed on Lessebo Design White, donated by Lessebo Paper.

The children’s book Maya and her friends is written by the Ukrainian author Laura Denysenko, who is also a lawyer and human rights activist. The book is illustrated by Masha Foya. Lessebo Paper sponsors with paper for the book, published by Bonnier Books in Sweden, Finland, Poland, and the United Kingdom. 

“For us, supporting the initiative was an easy decision to take.“ says Jens Olson, CEO at Lessebo Paper, and continues “Children are a vulnerable group in society. In major crises, children tend to be hit particularly hard. It came very natural for us to help. I urge everyone to buy this book, as all proceeds from the sales go in full to the children affected by the war.”

The book is about Ukrainian children and their families’ lives under the constant threat of war after Russia annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea in 2014. “The publication highlights the right of all children to grow up in a loving and safe home, while at the same time, the terrible situation in Ukraine is an example that this is not the case for many.” states Ulrika Caperius, publisher at the Bonnier Carlsen, part of the Bonnier Books Group. 

The Bonnier Books group will donate all the proceeds to UNICEF. In addition to Lessebo Paper, a number of different actors sponsor the project. Livonia Print in Latvia sponsors with printing and transport of the book,