Lessebo Paper’s
Christmas Card 2023

This year’s Christmas card has been designed by student Lisa Eriksson, a second-year student at Brobygrafiska studying packaging design.

This year’s Christmas card exudes a harmonious blend of nature’s hues, crafted using Lessebo Colours in the captivating shades of Seaweed 9060, Moss 6369, and Rhino 2181. The card’s design echoes the serenity of the forest, invoking a festive ambiance intertwined with the tranquillity of natural elements.

“During the creation of my design, I aimed to craft something unique, utilising a variety of colours to form a 3D effect, reminiscent of an accordion. Incorporating the essence of the Swedish forest, integral to Lessebo Paper’s production, was paramount”. She emphasized, “Throughout the process, I ensured that the paper had its space to shine, keeping the printing details minimal to highlight the paper’s natural brilliance.”

The matching envelope is produced of Shitake 2316 by Kalmar Kuvert, the card is produced by Taberg Media Group.

Lessebo Paper and the design school Brobygrafiska has collaborated for this year’s Christmas card, featuring designs crafted by the packaging design students.

“Partnering with Brobygrafiska has been inspiring, showcasing the incredible creativity and skill of the next generation in design”, states Ebba Ingvarsson Communication manager at Lessebo Paper. The theme for this year card is “eco design” featuring aspects of sustainable construction and production.

Tommy Bonté and Marie Falk, teachers at Brobygrafiska shared their enthusiasm, stating “This collaboration is a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase their talent and gain real-world experience in the design industry and how to create added value to Christmas cards by shape.”