Punchline tag

Colourful expressions in our Lessebo Kaskad Bullfinch Pink and Mallard Green designed by the talented team at Punchline Tag.

The Punchline Tag brand was created by Erika Rennel Björkman in 2009. Erika is a graphic designer and creative director with a passion for typography, paper, and origami. Her inspiration comes from a love for travelling, exploring different cultures, nature and from her time living and working in London as a graphic designer. With Punchline Tag she combines traditional Swedish papercraft with a modern typographic and colourful expression.

Punchline tag

Punchline Tag combines a gift tag and greeting in a unique self-standing concertina card. Designed and made in Stockholm, these unique cards double as both a gift tag for a present, bottle or flowers and an unusual card to congratulate, celebrate or just say hello.

The art pieces are produced by Norrbacka Tryckeri.

The ”MMM” version is designed exclusively for Moderna Museet.