“A Dialogue Between Myself and the Landscape” presents 12 different artistic projects exploring the complexity of what surrounds us… we form and are formed by the landscapes we exist in, and are exposed to. May it be a scenic painting, or a mountain in the suburbs made of a demolished neighbourhood, paving the way for a new city centre. What is visible and what is present in its absence? What happens when the night’s shadow play survives the sun? What do the ruins speak of?

We move through streets we never walked on, through the lens of google maps. In our mind a web of experiences helps us navigate through the spaces we interact with. We learn the rules of the game. We need a key to go further, we need the right words. Have you ever heard the story about the unwanted public statue? I never noticed it before someone told me. 

Collective artist’s book

What can we tell about a place (and ourselves) through its materials, memories, and representations?

The RE magazine is printed on Scandia 2000 Natural and edited by talented Laurens Rohlfs and Mari Mattsson. 

Participating artists are Annie Holm, Eli Mai Huang Nesse, Sofia Swahlen, Philip Dufva, Salad Hilowle, Elvira Modesty Mattsson, Soni Sagan, Eirik Falckner, Madeleine Andersson, Malin Norberg and Oskar Enetjärn.