The machines are running at full speed at Lessebo Paper

Oct 22, 2020

lessebo paper low co2 emissions 22 kg

As a Swedish producer of paper, Lessebo Paper is committed to developing high performance and environmentally responsible papers and boards for the international markets. Despite the challenging circumstances with Covid-19, Lessebo Paper can see an increase of interest in their eco-friendly papers.

“The pandemic has made us further understand the complex links between the environment, our social systems and our health. This is something that our customers also recognise” describes Ebba Ingvarsson, Communication Manager at Lessebo Paper.

The emissions from Lessebo Paper are more than 96% lower than the average producer of graphical paper. The Lessebo Paper strategy of promoting local suppliers has proven to be beneficial in current times, and also ecologically desirable in the long term.

Ingvarsson explains “We have become the clear choice for sustainable graphical paper thanks to our deep-rooted passion for eco-friendly production. Our latest figure of 22kg CO2 per tonne produced paper is a symbol of our hard work and the investments that have been made. The average European producer of graphical paper emits 616kg CO2 per tonne produced paper.”

Ebba Ingvarsson, Communication Manager at Lessebo Paper AB

“The pandemic has contributed to a decline in the market but in spite of this, the machines at Lessebo Paper has been running to full capacity since a few months back due to a steady flow of orders” explains Tom Olander, one of the owners of Lessebo Paper.

“Furthermore, our focus for the past few months has been to ensure employee safety and business continuity and we are looking to the future with confidence”.